Automation Ready

Automation Maturity Model Index (AMMi)

  • Solution assessment looking directly at the companies Automation challenges and possible opportunities for improvement.
  • Test Asset index to evaluate how the test artefacts are stored and the encapsulate the process that manages them.

The example here was how to take a company using no automation solutions with test assets stored in a legacy file template. In this case the AMMi index was around the 1.1 mark (based on the moment in time when the assessment was completed back in Q1 2012.):

“The best aspects of proven test approaches that have evolved over the past decade, and this echoes some of the changes towards more lean and agile business methodologies. Which are in a constant state of evolution – just as the underpinning technology evolves over time.”

With this in mind the best possible automation solution today may not be the right solution for every client. Therefore, sometimes half the battle is just starting on the Automation journey by taking them one step closer to becoming ‘Automation Ready’.

In this example the recommendation to follow the age old approach of Man’mation to encapsulate the manual execution phase using Hyper-Test to capture a journal that can be used to drive ‘Automation by Example’ in the future to in a generic XML/XAML/XPDL format extracting all the necessary test artefacts to allow them to be able to run all 10,000 scripts for regression purposes.

Check out the following presentation for further information:

Test Automation As A Service – Return on Investment

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